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10 Things to Teach our Teens

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-03-19

Your guide to giving "The Talk". What are essential tips for our teens when it comes to sex.

You’ve clicked on this article for all of two reasons: either you’re a parent with a kid approaching teen years and you’re apprehensive about having “the talk”. Or you’re a teen whose parents haven’t spoken to them at all. You’re keen to know what’s up regarding the whole sex thing, right?

First thing’s first: parents, if you are reading, please don’t let your kid be in the latter category. It’s essential that you talk to them. Otherwise, they’ll simply find out information from the likes of me! Have you seen the articles I’ve written on here? Yeah, that’s right. They might just learn about anal or public hook-ups before they even understand the meaning of sex. It’s out of my control. Such is just the way of the world wide web. My advice: get in before it does.

Kids, however, know this: not all parents will engage in the topic. They’ll assume you’ve been taught elsewhere. A lot of the time, this assumption will be true. What they’ll fail to realize is the lack of substance to what you’ve been taught.

Let me guess… you’ve been told about a penis going into a vagina? About the babies that pop out afterwards? And you’ve also probably learned that sometimes you get hard or horny. You’re not really sure why or what this means, but you know it happens.

In this instance, I’m happy to help - not with you being hard or horny. No, there are different sites for that. I’m here, rather, for the parents unsure about having the conversation and for the kids who need to hear it from someone else. The following are 10 things teenagers should know about sex. Parents, sit your kid down and prepare for a tough conversation. It’s going to be worth it.

First things first, teenagers should know that sex isn’t only characterized by the penetration of the penis into the vagina. There are many ways to engage in the activity. For this sake, even a little bump ’n’ grind is not necessarily safe. In any case your sex fluids cross with those of your partner, you could well get pregnant. To be overly cautious is not a bad thing. When in doubt, use protection.

It’s a myth that you can’t get pregnant while you’re on your period. So don’t think as soon as your menstrual cycle begins that you can ditch the use of condoms. Just because you’re menstruating doesn’t mean that your body will refuse the entry of sperm. No, no - it will store it. Annoying as this be (unless you want a child), your body can hold onto sperm for about a week. So watch yourself, teens. Be safe to avoid being sorry.

This doesn’t mean that sex isn’t an option while you’re on your menstrual cycle. In fact, girls tend to be incredibly horny during this time. Love-making can actually increase in pleasure. While there is no harm in being sexually active during this time, it’s still important to assure both partners are agreeable. Some girls may lack a strong sex drive or simply mightn’t be interested. Some guys may not appeal to it either. It is completely dependent on the individuals.

As I mentioned previously, protection is crucial. Do not assume for a second, however, that it is bulletproof. For the amount we humans do sexually interact, protection fails a lot of the time. Chances are, whether you are careful during application or not, there may be occasions you and your partner fall in the 1% category. To avoid the panic (and the baby), get emergency contraception as soon as you can. You can get a birth control pill from your local pharmacy and if taken within 72 hours (preferably earlier rather than later), it should prevent the chance of pregnancy.

Although for most, pregnancy is a large fear, we use protection to avoid more than just baby-making. It avoids the transfer of bacteria and infection too. Teens are very prone to receiving and passing on STD’s. Wearing a condom helps to make sex a clean and safe activity. Getting regular checks are just as vital. In the case you have an infection, it’s best to get onto it as soon as possible.

Now that we’ve covered most admin, you should know this about sex: it’s meant to be enjoyable. Between two people who are extremely attracted to each-other, it can and ought to be great fun. It’s not solely pleasurable for a guy - a girl can enjoy sex just as much.

Nonetheless, sex can evoke humiliation, guilt, regret and even self-hate if one isn’t ready, nor picky about their choice of partner. Now, I don’t mean to scare you by using such words but the importance of being ready for sex cannot be emphasized enough. You may feel physically ready, but more significant is that you are mentally prepared.

You ought to have great self confidence so that even a bad experience won’t break you or promote insecurities. You should be self-aware and value who you are and what you want. If you’re not, it’s likely you won’t get the respect and care you deserve during sex.

Don’t just engage in sex for the first time with anyone. Choose someone you care about; someone who feels right. Your first time is nerve-wracking enough. You’re not going to know exactly what to do. Make it easier on yourself and do it with someone you feel comfortable with.

What should be most stressed to teens is this: sex is not a tool for developing pride or confidence. You should already have such when you consider the act. You should already love yourself. It is post appreciating yourself that you may another person. When you are ready, be safe, be vocal and be respectful - of both yourself and of others. You’ll soon learn why we humans do enjoy the act of love-making so much.

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