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About Above Zest VIP Services

Above Zest is all about redefining what is possible through VIP service. Whether you are traveling to an island in the Bahamas or attending a big live event, we take our responsibility to all of our vip clients seriously. Our goal is to make sure every one of our clients receives the best possible treatment every time they choose us.

From private jet holidays to first class networking events, our vip services include every need you have. The ability to travel with peace of mind knowing that your desires are taken care of before you reach your destination is truly a unique and incredible experience. If you want to hire a company that can plan your corporate vocations and take care of your employees during the journey, then you need to hire us!

Aside from amazing VIP service, we also provide you and your crew with serious discounts that cut the cost other guys charge for the same style of service. Not only do we set you up with amazing private jets full of every amenity you can think of, but we also offer trip ticket replacement services and exclusive events. We take pride in being your go-to VIP service provider and we work hard to keep your loyalty, so you can be sure you will be pampered every step of the way. Convenience is another benefit we offer our customers. Our innovative ticket reservations App lets you pick and choose the date you want to travel, right from your Smartphone. You never have to worry about app glitches, as we have a team of dedicated IT specialists working to improve our technology every day.

Our incredible VIP service extends beyond the boundaries of planning vacations. We continue to improve our ability to serve our clients through trip logistic management. We focus on making important connections that allow us to reserve jet liners and gain access to private concerts. All of this is at your beck and call when you choose us for your VIP service needs.

VIP Tours

Private Jets
Here you can feel the luxury and unforgettable flight experience with our VIP private jet flights.
A rare opportunity to meet and greet with your favorite celebrities, in person.
Guaranteed Departures
No matter what destination or trip you pick, we guarantee the departure of your trip.
Advance Mobile App
It is an intuitive mobile App for booking your trip, managing your account, viewing your trip ticket, and many more.
Live Events
While being abroad, we organize lots of enjoyable live music, parties, and engaging social events to streamline your trip experience.
Lifetime Deposit
While making a trip reservation, rest assure that you will not lose your deposit as you can transfer it to another trip in your lifetime.
Ticket Replacement
It is an advance service where you can easily replace your trip ticket with another trip (different destination or different date) online if you can not make it.
Flexible Cancellation
It allows you to easily cancel your tour online if you can not make it.

VIP Concerts

Advance Technologies
We have recourses to the latest barcode generation & processing techniques for managing our live events.
Famous Celebrities
We are proud of our one of a kind events where you experience the best live music ever.
Manage My Account
It is an intuitive portal for managing your account and viewing your concert ticket.
Advance Mobile App
It is an intuitive mobile App for buying your concert ticket, managing your account, viewing your show ticket, and many more.

VIP Connection House

Top-notch Business Professional
It is a rare chance to meet and network with up and coming and/or leaders in your business or profession.
Famous Speakers Plus Q&A
This is a great place to attend for famous speaker speeches and participate in their question and answer sessions.
Advance Mobile App
It is an intuitive mobile App for booking your event tickets, managing your account, viewing your event tickets, and many more.
Advance Attendant MGMT
Barcode scanner devices are used for tracking all event attendants and entries to the event special sessions or the event optional activities.

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