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Above Zest VIP Always Fantastic

  • Beautiful Maui Beaches

  • Cabo San Lucas of Mexico

  • Vietnam Caves Expedition


As a supplier of everything VIP, Above Zest provides clients with once in a lifetime high end live music concert experiences they cannot find anywhere else. We organize live VIP concerts for clients on incredible concert locations to enjoy. Our VIP concerts include:

• Private music events
• Exclusive fundraising performances
• Genre exclusive concert events
• Big music events that draw thousands of people
• 510 Club shows ( an affiliate of Above Zest)
• Sponsored Above Zest concert events

You’ve come to expect the best from Above Zest, and our exclusive VIP concerts are guaranteed to fulfill your musical fantasies. Check out our concert calendar to find out what exclusive concert events are on the calendar this year. Our event bookings are growing every day and you never know what VIP celebrities might be available for one of our sponsored concerts. Get ready to have an amazing summer with Above Zest!

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