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Above Zest VIP Always Fantastic

  • Beautiful Maui Beaches

  • Cabo San Lucas of Mexico

  • Three Mysteries of Egypt

Welcome to Above Zest VIP Services

Welcome to Above Zest VIP Service, where all your entertainment and networking needs are taken care of. We provide our VIP clients with first-class treatment no matter which of our services they choose. First Class private jet tours, high-end networking events, and VIP music events are our specialties.

First Class Tours

From Egypt to the Bahamas, we take our VIP guests on an adventure they will never forget. Our private tours get you up close and personal with the intimate details unique to each locale that other travelers miss. Our VIP tour operators are highly trained and knowledgeable about the regions they guide you through providing you with a once in a lifetime experience.

First Class Live Music

First-in-class live music events are a key part of our entertainment services, and we welcome our VIP guests to attend to our concerts. Many of the music events are located in well-known venues and are unattainable through other concert organizers. Join our network of VIP guests and enjoy the best live music events the industry has to offer.

First Class Networking Events

As an event provider, we host and connect our clients with high-end networking events that are beneficial to their business networking needs. Our highly trained staff listens to your requests and turns them into the perfect event that fulfills all of your wishes and then some. No matter where in the world a high-end networking event is located, we can connect you to it with exclusive VIP access.

Above Zest redefines what the letters VIP stand for, and transforms your expectation of high-end service. We simply stand above the Zest when it comes to premier travel, entertainment and networking. Let us take you to your destination or next event in style and always with a smile on our face. Call Above Zest to set up your exotic vacation or live event today!

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