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Affiliated Schools

Schools are not just a collection of rooms with blackboards, chairs and benches. Schools are places that equip children with the necessary knowledge and skills to face this competitive and demanding world. Schools are places that help children to face their future with confidence, self-assurance and courage. They are places where the foundations of a country’s future are laid. It is therefore vital for all schools to provide students with as many facilities and services as possible to help them carve a successful life in this world.

HSTS strives to help schools with great thoughts but minimal funding, provide the best possible facilities for their students. IT runs this world and as expensive as it might seem, schools need to equip their students of such knowledge. Join HSTS through the school affiliation program and benefit from the non-profit free school services like Computer labs, computer literacy, website and mobile App services that we provide. Give your students a chance at a great future!

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