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Connections and bonds that have made a significant contribution to our lives can never be erased from our hearts and minds. The bond that you forge with your school or college is one such. The place which showed you the ropes and directed you towards a successful path in life will forever be one of your favored destinations of all time. Schools are not only life and career builders but also sometimes the places that form and strengthen long lasting friendships and even love. Is it not essential then to give something back to that place which has so beautifully organized your life?

HSTS aims to bring together alumni and their schools to further fortify their bond by giving them both opportunities to change each other’s existence for the better. The Alumni Portal is a free service that helps alumni to be in touch with the school they so love. The service which can be availed for free is available through website and mobile App. If you think it is time for you to give back something to your school and community, login to this portal and partake in a variety of events that would more than help with your gratification goals. High school alumni can engage and contribute to their schools by opting to teach and coach other students, by becoming a volunteer and aiding in vital school activities, by attending donation and fundraising events to raise money for educational services, by becoming a donor through the Donor Zone or by taking part in alumni get together events to share their success stories and tips with present students to enhance their career planning strategies.

There is always an irreplaceable joy in giving back to the community or institution that has given so much to you. We strive to act as conduits to support that endeavor of yours through our Alumni Portal!

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