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Computer Lab and Computer Literacy Improvement Program

To say that the world runs on technology is an understatement. It is hard to imagine or find any major task or service that does not depend on Information Technology. From banking to shopping, from art to science, technology has penetrated every field to an unimaginable extent. The future, therefore, lies in not only building and designing new technology in accordance with changing needs of people but also in knowing how to effectively utilize the same by extracting the maximum out of its potential. It is for this reason that we at High School Technology Services believe that students in the present world should be equipped with enough knowledge of IT in all its forms.

Our Computer Lab and Computer Literacy service aims to aid schools that are hindered by minimal or no funding to facilitate the building and use of computer labs. HSTS aims to design and maintain student and school computer labs and provide excellent computer lab networking to ensure optimal use of high quality hardware and software. Our services also include constant monitoring and upgrading of hardware and software. Supplying the necessary products is just one part of our endeavor, equipping students and school staff with the requisite knowledge to use these technologies to their advantage is the other significant part of our goal. Our highly committed and skilled staffs strive to provide vital online and offline support to all affiliated schools.

A well equipped computer lab is extremely crucial in modern day education. Course homework, assignments on varied subjects and projects can be effortlessly completed with the right software and tools while student-teacher communication and interactions become paperless thus reducing overhead costs for the schools. The quick and trouble free communication channel also improves student-teacher relationship. Equipping students to face the world is a major duty of any school and we design our services to support schools in carrying that out effectively.

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