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If you have decided to change the lives of less-fortunate students by contributing significantly to their IT and education needs, you have come to the right place. Take a stand and make monetary donations to our cause through the Donate Now option. We understand you passion to support this remarkable cause and hence strive to offer you as much flexibility and choice in donation as possible.

HSTS offers its donors flexible donation frequency through which any donor, individual or corporate, can donate money at a single shot, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis etc., By contributing to our cause, you are also given the opportunity to attend donor get-together events while keeping track of your donations through our progress reports. You can also invite your friends to contribute to this incredible cause. Fill in our post-donation form so that we get to know about the heart that has helped us help scores of under-privileged students!

"Every Charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven"
Henry Ward Beecher

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