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There is more to life than fun and enjoyment. There is more to life than self-accomplishment. There is more to life than dollars and bills. Satisfaction is something that cannot be brought. It has to be earned. If there are ways to blend fun, enjoyment, achievement and satisfaction, would it not be the greatest deal ever? HSTS aims to offer such a fantastic deal to the participants of the events it conducts.

Glance through our Event Donation page to know all about the up-coming and on-going events that we conduct to raise money for the worthy cause of supporting the educational endeavors of under-privileged children and schools. From live music donation shows to donation networking events that bring job hunting students and talent hunting recruiters together, we organize an eclectic variety of events that serves to fulfill your musical, career or business desires while simultaneously satisfying the needs of the less-fortunate. Enjoy the twin benefits of HSTS events and make a difference in another’s life.

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