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As vital as it is for us to contribute for the betterment of this world in our own little way, it is also necessary to gauge and monitor the impact of our efforts at regular intervals. The attempts we put in and the efforts we make to bring in a difference in another’s life will serve their purpose only if they reach the targeted audience completely and in time. HSTS ensures that those who contribute to our causes through cash and in-kind and those who benefit from our non-profit endeavors are never left in the dark about the various donations we receive and how they are put to use.

Through Facts Summary we attempt to create transparency in our operations and donation flow. This fact and result sharing mechanism aims to enlighten donors, schools, parents and students on the donation results and its effective utilization, progress and achievements through various facts and summaries. The fact tracking system ensures that there is complete transparency in operation while giving a sense of fulfillment to all parties concerned.

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