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I-HSTS Questions
II-IT Questions
III-Non-IT Questions
IV-Donor Questions
V-Survey Questions
VI-Still Questions in Mind

I-HSTS Questions

      1- Does HSTS provide any financial aid to affiliated schools or students?

II-IT Questions

1-I have a laptop and like to sell it at very low price to high school students, can I do this and how?
Yes, you can. Bear in mind that we randomly check the authenticity and quality of offered laptops. Placing your laptop on HSTS website for sale implies a donated price tag on your laptop. Thus, at our sole discretion, we remove any seller or sale offer if we have reasons to believe that your laptop is posted for non-donation purposes.

2-Can I sell my personal computer or hardware to high-school students through HSTS?
No, we do not have or offer any personal computer and/or hardware components for sale in our website except laptops which are available only to our affiliated students.

3-I am a student at one of your affiliated schools, how can I buy a discounted laptop through HSTS website?
Go to Laptop Deals and locate your laptop. On entering your username and password, you will be able to contact the seller.

4-Can non-affiliated students buy discounted laptop through HSTS website?

5-Are all discounted laptops available and functional? Does HSTS verify the authenticity of the ads?
Our staff randomly verifies the price and authenticity of laptop ads, yet we do not guarantee nor do we take responsibility for any problems, errors, or default caused to our affiliated students as a result of using our services.

6-What are the main requirements for selling discounted laptops through HSTS?
We encourage all sellers with following profile to advertise their laptops on HSTS: 1- you have a laptop that works well, 2- you live in local areas (MD, DC, and VA), 3- you price your laptop at least $200 -$300 below its market value meaning if you can sell your laptop easily in Craigslist for $400, you should make it available on HSTS for $200 or below, and 4- you do not intend to sell your new, luxury, peculiar, or fancy laptop in our site.

7-I have developed a few articles and/or tutorial videos for HSTS Computer Literacy Program, can I share them?
Feel free to submit your tutorial articles and videos to HSTS Easy Learning, however, keep in mind that we are only interested in posting contents or materials that are relevant to our Computer Literacy Program. Go to Easy Learning to find out more.

8-I have found few mistakes and/or errors in HSTS tutorial contents, how can I report them?
You can report them by sending an email to HSTS Easy Learning
9-Does HSTS offer any discounted software program to its affiliated students?
At this point, we do not have this option.

10-I am a talented web developer with demonstrated skills in web programming; can I contribute to HSTS Website Gallery?
We would be happy to review your work and post your contribution if it meets our needs. So send your brief resume and portfolio to HSTS Web Gallery. We reserve the right to decline any website contribution.

11-Can non-affiliated and/or private schools receive website consulting services from HSTS?
Yes, Go to Website Gallery and Web Consulting and submit your relevant form

12-Does HSTS provide any IT services for non-affiliated schools?

13-Can affiliated students buy as many laptops as they wish?
No, any affiliated student is only allowed to buy one laptop in every three years.

III-Non-IT Questions

1-I am a teacher with demonstrated experience in SAT and ACT coaching; can I contribute to the HSTS College Preparation section?
Please send your brief resume to HSTS counseling for consideration. Should we like your credential, we will reach you.

2-In what ways alumni of your affiliated school can contribute to the community and schools?
In many ways, first and obvious one is monetary and/or in-kind donations to their community, second, engagement in school events and programs, third, they can contribute to our College Transition and provide students with their words of advice, fourth, they can go to our local concerts or events specifically organized for our fundraising.

3-We have a public high school located in the local area with needs for some of HSTS services, how we can apply or request for the HSTS affiliation?
You can send an email to HSTS Contact us or submit to our online HSTS Get-in-Touch form. We try to get back to you shortly. Keep in mind, WE DO NOT OFFER OR GIVE ANY DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO ANY SCHOOL.

4-What is My Voice?
My Voice is an IT forum where all high school students, teachers, and IT specialists can post and discuss IT issues and questions.

5-What are HSTS codes of conducts for using My Voice service?
Go to My Voice to find out more

6-What are the main benefits of using My Voice service?
There are five tangible benefits of using My Voice service available to all registered viewers. 1- There is no email spam, 2- It is open to the public to read, 3- It is simple and elegant way to get your questions across, 4- No need for username and password, and 5- it is free and it does not have any junk ads.

7-Do I need to be an affiliated school member to use HSTS online counseling service?
Yes, non-affiliated students with valid membership status can use this service.

8-What are the main fields in which HSTS renders talent guide?
Currently, we only cover following ten areas of talent: art, athletics, music, computer engineering and sciences, movies, fashion & beauty, distinguished students, young entrepreneurs, best school performers and students with exceptional talents. Go to Talent Guide for details

9-Can non-affiliated and/or private schools or students use HSTS services for monthly membership fee?
This service is currently unavailable 

10-Does HSTS offer any offline courses for college preparation or computer literacy?
We may organize few courses for local and affiliated high schools in summer, or semester break. Contact your school officials for details

IV-Donor Questions

1-Can we give away in-kind donations like second hand computers or laptops?
Yes, you can; however, one of our engineers may inquire more information about your item and if interested, we contact you. We reserve the right to decline any donated items. Go to In-Kind Donation for details

2-What types of donations does HSTS accept? What are main steps to take?
We accept mainly six forms of donations depending on the type of donor. Money donation, in-kind donations, service donations, sponsor donations, company product donations, and other forms of acceptable donations like event partnerships. To understand in which specific ways you and/or your company can contribute, go to Donor Zone page.

3-We are a non-profit company and like to cooperate with HSTS on special events or plans, how can we do this?
We encourage all non-profits to submit their request available at In-Kind Donation. If interested, we will contact you.

4-What accountability plan does HSTS have for donors and potential prospects?
We are committed to allocating donors’ contributions wisely and efficiently. To that end, we make our Quarterly Progress Reports and Fact Summaries available to public and donors. In addition, donors can review all testimonials posted by school boards, principles, and donors.

5-How other companies or institutions can contribute to HSTS?
There are four ways by which other local companies and/or institutions can contribute to our high school community: A) Sponsor a fundraising event, B) Make a partnership in our fundraising events, C) Sell their products or programs through HSTS website and donate a portion of revenue to HSTS, and D) Make monetary gifts and/or provide free services to our high school community. Go to In-kind donation page and submit the form if you are ready to take a stand

V-Survey Questions

1-How many surveys does HSTS have?
We like to receive feedback from all affiliated parties. For example, we elicit school IT needs from teacher and student surveys. Go to Survey Center for details

2-Are HSTS survey results and progress reports available to the public? Can we print or download them?
Yes, absolutely, all survey results and progress reports are available for personal and non-commercial uses.

3-I am an IT teacher at one of HSTS affiliated high schools; can my students submit the survey?
We encourage all IT teachers to get their students to submit the accurate and complete student survey form to us. Also, faculties, teachers, and staffs of our affiliated schools are welcomed to submit their surveys.

4-Are all surveys anonymous?
Yes absolutely, we do not collect any name or identifiable information from respondents

5-How often should I submit the survey?
We encourage all respondents to only submit once, unless specifically requested otherwise. For instance, we may ask the respondents of one school to re-submit a survey for post web implementation analyses.

6-When should I submit the survey?
It is advisable to submit the survey whenever is requested by your school officials, or HSTS staffs.

VI-Still Questions in Mind

        If you still have more specific questions in mind, feel free to submit it through HSTS Contact us or HSTS Get-in-Touch form.

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