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Academics create the basic foundations for a great and stable future but the outside world might not always conform to the image that you have of it through high school and college education. Internships give a taste of the world, corporate or otherwise, to help you gain valuable knowledge on tackling challenges that you might face in future. What if there is a way to experience a professional work atmosphere and gain immensely through knowledge and extra credits while enjoying total fulfillment through helping the less-fortunate?

HSTS Intern program offers such an opportunity. By visiting the Intern page you can glance through the various college non-profit internships, high school internships and summer internships that we offer and benefit from putting to practice your academic knowledge in real life. These non-profit engagements ensure that you gain professional experience and affect your community in a positive way while earning extra course credits and even some money in the process. With the prospect of you getting promoted to a full-time position at HSTS, an internship with us is a great way to set your career in motion.

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