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It is impossible to imagine a world without technology. With IT seeping in to run each and every aspect of our lives while giving an amazing level of comfort and convenience, it is only reasonable for us to equip the future generation with enough knowledge and know-how on it. It cannot be denied that education is to a great extent driven by computers and related technologies. From homework and assignments to projects and online tests, IT plays a major role in enhancing students’ wisdom while reducing overhead costs and ensuring better parent teacher communication through various forums.

HSTS was launched to provide IT support to schools that lack the resources to provide necessary facilities to their students. The School Survey, where schools and students submit IT questionnaires, IT assessments and surveys to us, is a vital part in that endeavor. The school IT reviews and IT need analysis bestows us with enough information to identify areas of need and provide necessary IT services in quick time. Providing quality services is our aim and the School Survey aids in accomplishing this challenging task.

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