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Making a significant difference in the lives of others is the very basis of human existence. HSTS strives to do just that through an array of educational services to the under-privileged. We ensure that those who join us in this endeavor not only gain from the satisfaction of aiding others but also from a slew of benefits.

Employee benefits and perks are high on our list. From a competitive salary, HSTS fringe benefits, retirement plans, dental, vision, medical and prescription insurance coverage, flexible work hours, monthly happy hours and in house training for full-time employees and full-time promotion prospect, fun environment, extra credit possibilities, practical experience and financial benefits for interns to partaking in community improvement activities, flexible location and hours of work, professional work environment and more for volunteers, being a part of this non-profit endeavor has great many perks that will certainly enrich your career and professional life.

Career Benefit Highlights

12 specific benefits to full-time employees

1- Competitive salary

2- Multiple perks and fringe benefits

3- Retirement 401 (k) plan

4- Prescription insurance coverage

5- Dental insurance coverage

6- Flexible hours of work

7- Vocation

8- Sick time

9- Vision insurance coverage

10- Monthly happy hours

11-Medical insurance coverage

12-In-house training program


6 specific benefits to interns

1- An opportunity to put academic take-aways into practice

2- Gain professional experience while working collaboratively with other experienced employees

3- Earn some money while putting your passion to work

4- Being part of tangible impacts to your community

5- The possibility of earning some course credits by an internship engagement

6- The prospect of being promoted to a full-time position


5 specific benefits to volunteers

1- Flexible hours and location of work while making an impact

2- Ability to engage, contribute, and learn in a tangible way

3- Having fun while working with other like-minded and driven people

4- Gaining some professional experience

5- Ability to donate your hours to our mission and your community

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