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Computer Science Branches in Other Fields

By Katie Lee on 2017-07-16

Computer science is a versatile field that can perform many different things for various fields just by using different softwares or algorithms. Most (if not every) field have need of computer scientists in order to make their job more manageable or to help make their job possible.

Fields often branch into others in order to perform a function or multiple related functions. Computer science is different, however, in that it has branches in most fields such as gaming, biology, and engineering. But what do computer scientists do in other fields?

Gaming Industry
Computer science plays an important role in the creation of games. CS helps to create artificial intelligences which are in video games in the form of NPC’s or Non Playable Characters. AI’s in games also help to know where you are on the map as well as many other functions. Computers are also used for rendering games and even movies. If not for rendering, your game would look very polygonal and textureless so be sure to thank science for great graphics.

Wait, what is bioinformatics? Bioinformatics is a field that combines computer science, statistics, math, and engineering in order to develop methods to screen for biological data. You can probably see how computer science is important for this field as it is used to actually read these results and make them understandable by putting them onto a screen for scientists to record. It’s not just bioinformatics that use computers to make genetic sequences more manageable, biology and biotechnology are two others though there are more.

Computer science is beginning to be taught more and more in schools, especially high school. The decision was made with the fact in mind that computers are becoming more important in everyday life compared to 16 years ago when computers were only implemented in a few places. Education is also becoming more computer-assisted with standardized tests moving from paper to screen. Teachers are also using apps like google docs and google slides in order for students to collaborate with other students on an essay or presentation and more and more schools are giving a laptop or a tablet to every student that attends the school.

Computers are used in engineering to create a model of something that is being built or going to be built. They are also needed to simulate real physics when engineers are building bridges or buildings for instance and to ensure that it is still standing afterwards. This makes engineers jobs more manageable since these programs limit the amount of equations they have to perform and they no longer have to consider every factor as they are all already considered. Computers are also used to solve equations so that engineers can actually build whatever they want to build.

Computer science is allowing for art programs to be created and bought by consumers. There are also softwares that allow artists to create a human or various character model so that they have a reference that they can draw either digitally or on paper.

These are just a few of the fields that computer science bumps into and it is true that some of the CS functions listed above can be applied to other fields that were not mentioned. If you think about it websites are created by coding which is a subset of computer science. Applications like GoDaddy, however, are taking the coding out of website creation and doing it for you. Computer science is all around you!

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