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How Technology Has Evolved over Time

By Shane Staret on 2018-05-14

If you don’t already know, humans actually descended from a common ancestor of the chimpanzee and humans are actually classified as great apes. We also all probably know that chimpanzees are very smart, but their intelligence does not even compare to our own. Sure, other great apes have good memories and engage in relationships, but they are far from having human-like intelligence. One of the major things that make us different from all other animals on the planet is our ability to technologically advance.

Now what even is technology? Technology is essentially the creation of something that can benefit the society as a whole or expand what a society can accomplish. Humans are basically the only creatures on the planet that have huge political societies with certain rules. Sure, other species have packs and families, but nothing compares to the complexity of the many human communities on Earth. And through technological advancement, we have been able to improve the quality of life within these societies greatly. But where did it all begin? It is believed that the “Homo” genus that Homo Sapiens (AKA us) originate from completely split with other great apes around 4 million years ago. But Homo Sapiens did not actually come around until about 200,000 years ago. During Jesus Christ’s life, there was wide stricken poverty, only a handful of very successful societies on Earth, and not much concrete knowledge on the stars and space. And if there was, well it must have been lost because societies at the time also had no means to communicate easily. And that was only 2,000 years ago. Now, we’ve been to the moon, have Virtual Reality, and basically everyone’s life is easier than their ancestors’ just 2,000 years ago.

Imagine what the human race must have been like 10,000, 100,000, or even 200,000 years ago. We’ve come such a long way in such little time, but obviously the societies around at the time of Christ’s birth weren’t completely primitive. The human race had managed to advance quite a bit from its beginning to that point, but what technological advancements did we make from 198,000 BC to 0 AD? Or an even better question is what advancements did other Homo genus species make before Homo Sapiens evolved?

Probably the first notable thing any human ever did was bang a rock against another rock to make stuff happen. Maybe they realized that one rock was stronger than the other, and they could “mold” the other rock with the stronger rock. Then, a few generations went by and someone decided to put a stick on the stronger rock and boom! The first tool is created. It’s estimated this happened a few million years ago and its possible that we were still apes and not humans at that point. A could hundred thousand years go by and we’re still banging things together and probably figuring out that it can be used to cut plant life and trees. Then we discovered fire and everything was right in the world after that happened. I mean, is there any incentive to improve a society that already has fire under its belt? Now you can sit by it to get warm and cook food so you don’t get poisoned. On top of that, it looks cool. But we can always do better. Tools improved of course and so did weapons. And weapons no longer were just for hunting, they were also for killing other people and stealing their cool tools. Then we built houses using the tools we made, created clothes from the animals we killed, and started learning that we can plant crops so we have a sustainable food source. Around these food sources, large societies arose and people began to trade random things for other random things so both parties could be benefitted. This led to an economy and politics about how things should be run.

Next, we figured out how to utilize metals and that was awesome because they were a lot better than stone. And then we domesticated some animals like horses and cattle to add variety to our diet and to make them useful as haulers. And probably one of the most important developments from that point on ws our ability to evolve written languages. And that puts us right around Jesus’s time.

So about 2,000 years ago we were able to grow our own food, make our own clothing and shelter, write, and get into political arguments. There wasn’t really much else going on. Sure there were cool structures created and some societies figured out that the stars were moving and that we were going around the Sun on a giant ball, but other than that. But look at society now. It is nuts how far we have come from 2,000 years ago, and I’d argue it’s an even bigger leap than the jump from a couple hundred thousand years ago until Christ was born. Within that timespan, there were still many basic things to worry about. Like disease, droughts, other tribes, poverty, nepotism, and the inability to travel long very long distances. But over the past 2,000 years, we have gone from creating bread from wheat and dying of dysentery at age 40, to living in societies where virtually every need can easily be taken care of. Of course, we still have major problems and the most deadly of conflicts and diseases have come within that 2,000 year span, but overall, we have progressed exponentially as a single race.

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