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Do You Know If You Are Sexually Active

By McKenzie Collins on 2017-02-19

Are you sexually active? What does that even mean? Find out how to answer the question below.

Have you ever been at the doctors and struggled to respond to questions regarding your sexual activity? Have you found it difficult to conclude if you’re actually sexually active or not? Have you decided simply to answer that no, you’re not, just to avoid any awkward explanation or detail-giving?

Although the question can be hard to answer, there’s one thing we should be aware of. It is always (always, always) worthwhile to be completely honest about our sexual experience to professionals. It can be detrimental to ourselves and our partners if we fail to do so. To answer truthfully, however, is not always as easy as it sounds. It requires an understanding of that the doctor is asking, and thus, knowledge of what “sexually active” actually entails.

Being sexually active implies we have or do involve ourselves in any form of sexual activity whereby we touch the genitals of another individual. It takes less than the complete exchange of bodily fluids to be sexually active. We can still risk infection by touching one another with freshly, clean hands or latex gloves.

So do we have to have had sexual intercourse to be sexually active? The answer is no. This is a common misconception made by many individuals but particularly by teenagers. Many are unsure of the boundaries of sexual intercourse and mere sexual foreplay.

The reality is, pregnancy or STDs - of which doctors may be looking for or considering when they ask you about your sexual activity - are not solely a result of sexual intercourse. So to say we are not sexually active purely because we haven’t had intercourse is misleading. It is still valid to check for these infections even given we are only engaging in foreplay. For it is not always possible to track the whereabouts of bodily fluids during sexual activity, if you have engaged in any sort of form of it, there is a chance you may have brought infection to your partners’ genital area or have unintentionally exchanged fluids.

The case you are not sexually active remains if you are only kissing your partner, or touching them with clothes remaining on. Here it is fair to respond to a doctor that you are not engaging in any sort of sexual intercourse or activity.

Now that you know what deems your sexual activity or otherwise, you should know how to go about answering the question. You needn't feel threatened or invaded when doctors ask. They simply have your best intentions at heart. All they desire to know is whether its worth investigating the realm of sexual infection, disease or any other sexually-related outcomes in the conclusion of your symptoms.

You should never lie purely because you feel embarrassed or ashamed about your sexual activity. Your doctors operate on an oath of confidentiality. They’d lose their jobs if they were to give out information about a particular patient. Your doctors seek to better your health and your health only. They aren’t looking to parent or school you for your actions.

You may find that you don’t want to inform your parents about your sexual activity. It may take time to feel comfortable enough to let them know where you’re at. Nonetheless, for the sake of your health and wellbeing, you should be open and honest with your doctor from the beginning. They will help to ensure that your sexual experiences are safe and not proving detrimental to any of your bodily functions. It’s important for both genders to stay on top of this.

How do we best word our answers? If we are engaging in little to no sexual activity (that is, kissing and touching in a clothed state), we can simply respond that no, we are not sexually active at this time. Again, there should be no shame in doing so. Doctors are not there to judge your capability at attracting the opposite sex. They understand that on any occasion, you may or may not engage in sexual activity for whatever reason. The reason itself is not theirs to know.

If you are engaging in foreplay, but not intercourse, it’s best to state that you are still a virgin first off. Explain that you have not had intercourse, however, do discuss that you are sexually active in other manners. You could use the words ‘foreplay’ or ‘fondling” if you feel conscious about going into detail. Otherwise, outlining that you may engage in oral, hand or anal sex from time to time is useful if you feel confident enough. The more information you give to your doctors, the more likely they will be able to help you.

At the end of the day, the only two people who really need to know the state of your sexual activity is yourself and your doctor. But it’s utterly important that these two individuals are informed. To make sure you remain healthy and safe, you ought to keep in touch with the stage you’re at. You should inform those who are willing to help you maintain your health throughout it. By doing so, you’ll be able to engage (or not) in sexual activity without feeling concerned or fearful for any consequences you may be unaware of.

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