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IOS Swift Native Apps Versus Ionic Hybrid Apps

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Native iOS App Design with Swift versus Ionic JavaScript Framework – What to Pick

By Editorial Team on 2017-11-11

Although Swift is the oldest platform for designing native iOS Apps, nowadays many developers use JavaScript frameworks such as Ionic, React Native, or even jQuery Mobile to design and deploy their iOS Apps. As such, this article discusses the pros and cons of Ionic versus Swift and helps you find the right platform for designing iOS Apps.

iOS App design history started with Objective-C programming language which was similar to C++. Then, it was replaced by Swift. However, in last few years, due to popularity of mobile App market, developers invented new approaches for designing and deploying mobile Apps using programming languages known to web designers like HTML 5 and JavaScript. This article will go over Ionic platform that is used along with Angular JS framework to build iOS Apps.

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