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Self-Built or Pre-Built Computers

By Katie Lee on 2017-07-16

Computers vary based on the company and different parts. Self-built computers have their advantages and disadvantages but which is better than the other.

When it comes to pre-built computers, the first problem that most people think of is the multitude of companies that make them. From Dell to Alienware to Apple, which one do you choose? But this could also be good in its own way. Different companies tend to create a computer good for a certain demographic, you just have to look at the parts. Important parts to look at should be cores or processing units and how many there are, the motherboard, the hard drive and so on. Most people may only look into the looks of the computer but it is way more than that. Don’t be surprised if you sit down to do some quick PC gaming and you find out that your new dell laptop can’t handle the graphics and storage of the game. You also have to make sure to take an in depth look into the written information of the computer. In that information, there should be a description of the intended purpose of the computer (business, recreation, gaming, etc.).

Pre-built computers also come with another big decision: desktop or laptop? This decision is also depending on what you want for gaming or what you need for work. Desktops tend to be better with gaming but laptops can still be good and they are more mobile. Laptops are great for work because they can be brought to your job and they can run many programs at once fairly easily. Graphically, however, a desktop is the safer choice.

The main advantage that comes with buying a laptop is price. This is not always true depending on what you want but on average it is cheaper to buy a laptop than buy all the parts. Not to mention, if you aren’t experienced in building PCs you may end up leaving out something vital to the whole system.

Self-built PCs also have many decisions involved. You must decide which types of motherboard and CPUs, etc. Let’s talk about an Alienware Alpha desktop computer. The price for this computer is $599.99. Most experienced PC builders can build a computer that is similar in performance to this Alienware desktop computer but they can build it for about one hundred dollars less. However, self-built computers can be upgraded which will cost you more overall. But it’s a tradeoff: how much more are you willing to pay for greater quality? But if you don’t plan on upgrading any parts in your self-built PC, then you have the same quality as a pre-built (if you research your parts) but for less money.

It is safe to say that similar amounts of research are needed to build a computer or to buy one. You still have to research computer parts to ensure you build your computer right or to ensure that you are buying a computer that fits your purpose. The debate between self-built and pre-built depends on what you want performance wise, how much you are willing to spend, and how much time you have to acquire a computer.

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