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Essential coding tools for high paid mobile App designers and software developers

By Editorial Team on 2017-08-20

Mobile App designers and developers have different coding backgrounds. Some come from software engineering background and others with web design experiences. This article review two types of mobile App development Approaches (hybrid and native) and tell you what coding languages needed to succeed in each Approach.

If you wish to design a mobile App, you can achieve your goal with either hybrid or native App design tools. Hybrid tools are geared toward web designers as they are familiar with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. On the other hand, native App designers usually take either Java Android coding or iOS Swift coding path. This article discusses each Approach and coding languages in more details. It also reviews most popular frameworks for developing a hybrid mobile App.

Hybrid Mobile Apps
A hybrid Application (or hybrid App) is one that combines elements of both native and web applications. native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device. Web applications are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the Internet through a browser. Hybrid Apps are often mentioned in the context of mobile computing. The following are hybrid App features:

  • Can function whether or not the device is connected. 
  • Integration with a device’s file system.  
  • Integration with web-based services. 
  • An embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content.

Native Mobile Apps
A native application (or native App) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device like Smartphone or tablet. Because native Apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform. Here is another way to look at native Apps: a native App is one that is manufacture particularly for a specific cell phone and introduced straightforwardly onto the gadget itself and generally can work without requiring web availability relying upon the idea of the Application.
Clients can download local applications from the application stores, for example, Google Play or Apple Store. They are constructed particularly for a stage, for instance an application produced for Apple iOS will not deal with Android OS or Windows OS stage. In any case, they are quicker by tackling the intensity of the processor and ready to get to particular equipment like GPS. The following are more in-depth pros and cons of native Apps.

Pros of Native Mobile Apps

  • Device Compatibility– Native Apps are highly compatible with a device’s hardware, and calibration to a device’s features is possible. You will be exclusively addressing the needs of a particular operating platform.
  • Accessibility– Access to native Apps is easy and convenient as they are available on App stores that are pre-installed in devices. Therefore, a business customer base will have no difficulty in locating its mobile presence. This factor may slash marketing and branding cost for a business.  
  • Efficient Optimization– As development is platform specific, App optimization corresponds to the specific device needs and therefore, is more efficient. Operational efficiency can directly translate to a better output for a business.
  • User Interface and Experience– Native mobile Apps provide a better user interface and user experience because they are more responsive to user needs. Additionally, they are more secure and safe due to App store Approval. A business customer base is more likely to use an App that will not infect their phone and responds to their needs.

Cons of Native Mobile Apps

  • Expensive– Native Apps are costly to develop since they are platform specific. Developers have to write Apps separately for different operating systems to ensure maximum compatibility and outreach. Additionally, you may need to invest further in-App maintenance.
  • Complicated Maintenance– Different Apps for different platforms also complicate the customer service support and maintenance. Different versions that run on different devices will require you to create an extensive assistance team.
  • High Technical Expertise– Building native Apps require technical expertise in various programming languages. It may require you to hire different App developer professionals for different platforms.
  • Time Intensive– Different programming for different platforms also entails a high turnaround time. This can cause a delay in your business launch or expansion if you’re aiming for a quick mobile presence.
  • Apple Review- All iOS Apps submitted to App Store will go through review process that may take a few weeks. iOS Apps are reviewed by anonymous reviewers based on whether an App is good fit for Apple Store and follows their guidelines.  If an App gets rejected, you have two options: 1- Revise it based on reviewer’s comments and re-submit it even though your revised App may end up being assessed by another reviewer, or 2- Throw away your App codes and idea and bear the loss of time, effort, and money.

App Development Job Titles
The major skill set of App developers comes from their programming knowledge and expertise. The following are major job titles for those interested in pursuing a mobile App development career.

Android App Development

  • Android App Developer
  • Android Game Designer
  • Android Tablet Developer
  • Android UI/UX Designer

iPhone App Development

  • iPhone App Developer
  • iPhone Game Designer
  • IOS 10 Developer
  • iPhone UI/UX Designer

iPad App Development

  • iPad App Developer
  • iPad Game Developer
  • iPad Social App Developer
  • iPad UI/UX Designer

Mobile App Optimization

  • Online Marketing Analyst
  • App Store Optimization Specialist

Cross Platform App Development

  • PhoneGap App Developer
  • Sencha App Developer
  • Adobe AIR App Developer
  • Responsive Web Designer

Window Phone App Development

  • Window App Developer
  • Window 10 App Developer
  • Window Games Designer
  • Window UI/UX Designer

Mobile App Development Programming Languages
For hybrid App development, there are four popular frameworks: jQuery Mobile, Ionic (via JavaScript Angular), React Native  and Xamarin. However, for building native Apps, developers use Java, Swift, and C# for Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices respectively. For native App development, you may need to know Extensible Markup Language or XML coding. You may need to know a server-side programming language like PHP or Node.js (along with Express.js) to build dynamic hybrid App. Dynamic hybrid Apps use database (like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or MongoDB) to fetch data and load mobile App contents. The most popular certifications for PHP programmers are: Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Zend Framework  2. Also, the most popular database certifications are Oracle Database SQL Fundamentals and Oracle Database 11g Admin.

Now that you have understood what it takes to become a mobile App developer, you can decide what type of mobile App development- hybrid or native- career you should pursue. Although learning how to code hybrid Apps is much easier than its native App counterparts, native App developers are usually treated as software engineers and as a result have higher salaries. It is advisable to consult with an IT career counselor to understand what career options best fits your skills. For instance, if you want to be a software engineer, learning HTML and CSS might not fit the bill. Here is an excellent article for learning more on coding and technology career roadmap. Once you know what career path you wish to pursue, you can make a plan on what, when, and how to learn. There are lots of online resources for learning coding and technology in general. For teenagers and high school students, High School Technology Services offers variety of hands-on training. For adults and professionals, Coding Bootcamps and DC Web Makers Companies offer basic to advance project-based programming and technology classes.

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