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What is JavaScript programming language and why it is very popular

By Editorial Team on 2017-12-21

JavaScript or JS is versatile programming language that is used to add interactivity to web pages. Indeed, using JS a developer has more power over HTML and CSS tags. This article discusses how JS works and what are their main frameworks. We also review some of job titles for JS programmers.

Literally, JavaScript is used everywhere on the internet. JavaScript was originally created to allow web developers to create interactivity for websites and web applications for their users. Without JavaScript, nearly all the web pages will not look interactive.

JavaScript (often abbreviated to JS) is a lightweight interpreted or JIT-compiled programming language with first-class functions. It is most well-known as the scripting language for web pages, but it is used in many non-browser environments as well. JavaScript is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm, dynamic language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and declarative.

JavaScript is one of the three most important languages that are used by developers in creating web pages alongside HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used to add a dynamic component to the web page and make most elements on the page programmable. JS helps to lessen the extra load on the server. e.g Validation of forms can be done by JS at clients end and thus spares the server from doing such mundane work

JavaScript is a client-side programming language.  It is used to program how the web pages behave on the occurrence of an event. JavaScript is executed on users’ computers when they access the page, meaning that anything you can do in JavaScript will not add processing strain onto your server. This made sites much more responsive for the end user and less expensive in terms of server traffic. JavaScript is easy to learn and also a powerful scripting language, widely used for controlling web page behavior.

JavaScript is also widely used for providing popups, animations, visual effects etc. Various libraries are available for JavaScript like jQuery which have pre-written files which can easily be used in the website. You can add animations to the page which either attract attention to a specific part of the page or which make the page easier to use. You can even have the JavaScript load new images, objects, or scripts into the web page without needing to reload the entire page.

Incorporating JavaScript into a web page allows you to improve your visitor's experience of the web page by converting it from a static page into one that can interact with them. One important thing to remember though is that not everyone visiting your page will have JavaScript and so your page will still need to work for those who don't have JavaScript. You use JavaScript to make your page work better for those who have it.

Apart from designing the front-end of a website, JavaScript is also used on the backend (Server side technology) combined with MongoDB, Express.js, and Nodejs which are very efficient for handling real-time applications and are much faster than other technologies available right now. With JavaScript framework such as Node.js you can develop full-fledged web and mobile Apps, and services with JavaScript. Nodejs is a framework that allows a web application to use JavaScript on its backend, so server-side.

JavaScript is primarily used to leverage the client machine resource and server-side languages such as PHP, .NET use the server's resources. JavaScript provides validations at the client-side. These validations are conditions which the programmer sets about the data which is to be entered by the user. Basically, validation is done at the server side when a user fills the data and submits it; the client sends the data to the server to validate it. But this whole process takes a long time to execute. So JS is used in validating form at client-side reducing the request and process time. You might have seen when you enter an alphabet in phone no column an error message pops up. This is done using JavaScript.

Nowadays, JavaScript is also a popular choice for creating complete web applications, and even software packages. The main purpose of JavaScript (client-side script) allows you to make a few more functionality in user's browser without sending anything to the server. So you don't need every action for the server side.

Programming Languages and Resources for Web Developers

Here are a brief summary of coding languages and resources for web designers. HTML, CSS (or HTML5 & CSS3) PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (or JS frameworks like jQuery, Angular, React, Node, or Express) or MongoDB, Apache, Ruby on Rails, and Linux are related to web programming. The most  popular content management systems that use PHP  & MySQL are  Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Also, obtaining the following PHP and database certifications are highly rewarding for all custom web developers: Zend Framework 2, Zend Certified PHP Engineer, Oracle Database 11g Administration and Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals. For those interested in learning more about web design and development, here are a list of step-by-step training guide articles: i- Become CMS specialist, ii- Become front-end specialist, iii- Become expert SQL developer, iv- Become expert PHP developer

JS coding is well suited for those interested in pursuing a career in web design and development; however, other options are mobile App design and development, system admin and software engineering. It is advisable to consult with an IT career counselor to understand what career options best fits your skills. For instance, if you want to be a software engineer, learning HTML and CSS might not fit the bill. Here is an excellent article for learning more on coding and technology career roadmap. Once you know what career path you wish to pursue, you can make a plan on what, when, and how to learn. There are lots of online resources for learning coding and technology in general. For teenagers and high school students, High School Technology Services offers variety of hands-on training. For adults and professionals, Coding Bootcamps and DC Web Makers Companies offer basic to advance project-based programming and technology classes.

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