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Welcome to WEG2G Social Site

WEG2G is an emerging social network where you can build your own real community on the web via group meetup. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – the popular social networks virtually, WEG2G primarily focuses on developing Groups and organizing small group Meetups in the real world with the help of the virtual web in order to establish a bigger community for its user.

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WEG2G is an ideal platform for those who are not just looking for new friends but a group of friends who shares the same likings and interests. By registering at WEG2G, one can create a group with close friends, attend variety of events and join different group meetup that interests them. One can easily organize group meetup or even go for group dating if required.

At WEG2G, one can create new plans to meet up with friends, organize events to raise awareness or create a group to establish a community instantly. Once registered, anyone can use our newly launched social platform to make a real community that Go Together, Get Together and Group Together! So without wasting any more time, simply Register Now at WEG2G and connect with real people!

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  • Young Alumni

  • Young Alumni

  • Young Alumni

New Groups

  • SYEP

  • SEO Interns 2013

  • Communication Girls

New Events

  • Weekend Camping

  • Open Dialogue on Safe Dating Practices

  • WEG2G Launching Party

New Plans

  • Morning (9-12)
    meeting from website
    Mon July 16th

  • Noon (12-2)
    Saturday Happy Hour
    Sat August 31st

  • Evening (5-8)
    happy hour thursday
    Thu May 1st

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