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WEG2G Matchup is an optional and free service offered to all active site users. At WEG2G, we hold the privacy of our users in high regard. Thus, unless a user uses this service, s/he will not receive any Matchup requests or messages from the other users or us. If you experience any misbehavior from any site user, feel free to report it.
Although the whole premise of WEG2G is Group meetup and Group socializations, we offer a unique approach for dating and relationship Matchups. To be precise, after you have met enough people, we ask you which one of the people you met is your first, second, and third choice for your dating or relationship. We ask the same question from all the people you met. Therefore, if two users are among the choices of each other, they'll be matched automatically and notified afterward.
At WEG2G, we offer four forms of Matchup: Togetherness Picky, Togetherness Random, T & Beyond Picky, and T & Beyond Random. Togetherness Picky allows you to choose three people (first, second, and third choices) for your dating Matchup. Togetherness Random will match you randomly with one of the people you met. T & Beyond Picky lets you select three persons or choices from your Togetherness friends for your relationship Matchup. T & Beyond Random will match you randomly with one of your Togetherness friends for relationship. Please note that you can not initiate T & Beyond Matchups unless you have had enough Togetherness matches or one-to-one dating.
Here are a few hints for having more matches. I) G2G with more people and friends, so the more people you meet, the more matches you get. II) Be realistic in selecting your choices when using Togetherness Picky or T & Beyond Picky, so do not select Mr. A+ if you are a Miss B level. III) Be open-minded, so you admire that the variety is the spice of life. IV) Be patient to hear back, since the friends you're after should have met enough people to initiate their Matchup. Here are the Matchup options:

  • View the people you have met in your Group plans
  • Request a picky matchup based on the people you met
  • Request a random matchup based on the people you met
  • Request a togetherness or one-to-one dating matchup
  • Request a togetherness & beyond or relationship matchup

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