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Messages – Managing Communication and correspondence

With the internet and social media, the world has shrunk into a tiny ball of interconnected lives. Locating long lost friends or family members, connecting with and participating in the lives of your loved ones, meeting new souls that make your lives that much better or even discovering that special heart that will beat for you for the rest of your life, is much easier today than it was before. WEG2G’s social site is one such platform that helps you connect with your loved ones or find new friends and potential dates or even invite for group events via an array of different free services.

As an important part of that connecting service, the Messages section encompasses a range of features that helps you manage your connections and events better. With the Inbox messages auto-organization service, all messages to your inbox is categorized into six sections and stored automatically in the respective folders. From Inbox folder for general messages from non-connection users to Connections folder for all correspondence made via friends and acquaintances, from G2G folder that includes all messages related to group plans and posts to Events folder that comprises of all event invitations, cancellations and other news related to WEG2G events, from Personal folder that picks up posts from intimate friends you are in a relationship with or private messages from WEG2G’s Match-Up service to Others folder that contains miscellaneous messages that do not fall under any of the other categories, the automatic sorting ensures that you manage your connections and messages in a much better way.

Send new messages or save them as draft for later use, track messages easily through the stacking structure or sift through the sent messages in future, organizing and managing communication to your connections is a hassle-free and effortless affair with our message regulation features.

Message Highlights

  • Send your messages to other users
  • Save them as a draft
  • View your sent messages
  • Categorize your message based on the type of message
  • Respond to your messages on stacked layout and more

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