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G2G Plans

What is G2G Plan?

A Plan is basically a meetup set up by any 2 WEG2G group members where they can meet and greet each other. Unlike events, a Plan is limited to a group only. The group Lead can post a Plan or accept other group’s plans. A group can’t plan more than one meetup at the same given time and date. A maximum of 7 plans are only allowed per week for a Group.

How it works?

Being a Lead in a group, one is eligible to create a Plan. Go to our Plans page and click “Make a New Plan”. The plan is exclusively limited to the group members only. Group Lead can also accept join requests for the Plans created by other groups. At WEG2G, we make it easier for our users to manage, create and share plans with other group members. One can also check the schedule of the upcoming plans using Plan Calendar feature on WEG2G. Also check the Plan history or search plans using the respective features on our new social network.

Plan Highlights

There are some highlights of WEG2G Plans

  • Create, Manage, Schedule Private Meetups
  • Connect with like-minded people not just virtually but in real life.
  • Easily get access to your past and upcoming plans using the features such as Plan Calendar, Plan History and Search Plans on WEG2G.
  • Limited number of Plans per week for a single group makes it very easy to schedule meetups and efficiently use the group time.
  • Running such Meetup plan helps in brainstorming new ideas and connecting with new people.

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