"Nothing happens unless first a dream".
Carl Sandburg

Our Mission & Goals

We put our heart and mind at work to advance social media into four business sectors: live entertainment, tourism, content publishing, and IT by providing users and customers with a one-of-a-kind service experience via simplicity, affordability, and fun.
The Company strives to deliver creative and organic ideas across five industries; live entertainment, tourism, content publishing, social media, and IT.

Our Services

1. Social Site 
It bridges the gap between social sites and dating services by offering the best of three popular sites: Facebook.com, Meetup.com, and Match.com. It comes with four primary features: Connections, Groups, Events, and Matchup.

2. Tour 
We act as the sole tour operator (not travel or booking agent) to organize leisure trips in 25 trip destinations in five continents. We tailor our service into three traveler categories: high school students, college students, and adults.

3. Live Music 
We focus on small venue-organized shows with no liquor and promoter-organized shows in four specific genres: country, rock, hip-hop, and R&B. Also, we act as the sole event organizer and producer (not ticket processor or booking agent).

4. Networking Event 
We act as the main event organizer (not intermediate like ticket processors) and conduct professional events in 12 networking areas like government consulting, etc. We tailor our service to three participant groups: students, young alumni, and professionals. Our code of conduct is guided by our slogan “Connection Matters”.

Our Applications

  • WEG2G: It is the next generation of social media based on some genius ideas
  • Above Zest: It offers tours, concerts, career services, and free services for students
  • Above Zest VIP Services: It offers first-class VIP services
  • 510 Club: It is a non-alcoholic music club
  • Touchstone Words: It is a content development site, like an online magazine, newsletters, etc
  • High School Technology Services: It is the non-profit branch of WEG2G
  • WEG2G Central: It is the WEG2G central hub for managing hirings and processing transactions

Go to Our Application Features to see the details. In addition, the company services are offered via its advance mobile and tablet App. The success and organic growth of the WEG2G Company lies in its solid IT infrastructure and its never ending quest for improvements. To be precise, here are our codes of conduct and driving beliefs:

Codes of Conduct

- Simplicity: We hold simplicity in a high regard.  
- Affordability
: We are dedicated to making our services as affordable as possible.
- Ultimate Fun and Joy: We put our heart and mind, definitely and systematically, to add joy, excitement, and fun to our user's lives.

Driving Beliefs

1. Passion and Enthusiasm: All we do is become motivated from our passion for making a difference wherever, whenever, and as much as we can.
2. Wonder and Curiosity: Wonder and sense of curiosity are the key drivers of our success. We love asking quality questions, challenging mundane idiosyncrasies, and cultivating new ideas.
3. Vitality and Energy: We believe that only a healthy and vital body can go the “extra miles”. We are committed to holding ourselves responsible for higher standards of motion, energy, and vitality to deliver the best-in-class services.
4. Constant Improvement: We view improvement and learning as a constant and never ending process. We hold ourselves to incisive comments, nascent ideas, and constructive critiques.
5. Sincere and Selfless Contribution: Our team is dedicated to bringing out the best in users while helping them to grow socially, mentally and financially.

Our Trademarks & Slogans

  1. WEG2G
  2. Above Zest
  3. Connection House
  4. Ticket Mall
  5. Book Planet
  6. PickMeUp
  7. Touchstone Words
  8. Friend Speak
  9. High School Words
  10. Alumni Life
  11. College Paper
  12. Red Zone
  13. Innocent Desires
  14. 510 Club
  15. High School Technology Services
  16. Career Navigation
  17. Software Mall
  18. Hardware Support
  19. Easy Learning
  20. Talent Guide
  21. Get-Engaged Donation
  22. College Transition
  23. WEG2G- “We Go Together, We Get Together, We Group Together”
  24. WEG2G-“Ideas For Harmony”
  25. WEG2G Central- “Avalanche of Ideas”
  26. Above Zest- “Always Fantastic”
  27. Connection House- “Connection Matters”
  28. Touchstone Words- “Quality Matters”
  29. HSTS- “Educated Students Today; Educated Society Tomorrow”
  30. 510 Club- “It Is Possible”