WEG2G Group– Visualizing dreams

Ideas and dreams are like stars, they are meant to be followed to reach the destination we seek. Following one such dream, Matt Zand arrived at the idea of advancing and utilizing social media in more ways than one. A confluence of Live Entertainment, Tourism, Content Publishing and IT with Social Media as the base, the WEG2G group came into existence to provide users with unique, innovative, simple, affordable, workable and pleasurable array of services.

This ambitious start-up group has put together an eclectic variety of services and products to become one of the fastest growing start-ups in the country. With remarkable IT support from DC Web Makers, this Cross-industry start-up encompasses 5 different subsidiaries – WEG2G social site, Above Zest, 510 Club, Touchstone Words and the High School Technology Services.

WEG2G Social Site: A next generation social media venture with a distinct and unique blend of networking and dating services, WEG2G social site encompasses Connections, Groups and Events to enhance your networking experience while providing ample opportunity to find your special someone through the Matchup service.

Above Zest: A one-of-a-kind venture that focuses on providing regular and VIP tour packages with a slew of benefits, discounts and subsidies to high-school, college students and adults. Visit over 25 fascinating destinations across 5 continents, enjoy live concerts, avail of valuable networking and career services to find your dream jobs, employees or clients across a variety of sectors and verticals, manage existing and new books and even carpool to save on your dollars.

510 Club: A great new way to enjoy live concerts across country, hip-hop, rock and R&B, 510 Club is a non-alcoholic music club that organizes small-venue live events and manages promoter-organized shows for lovers of music. Experience live music in a much more personal and extraordinary way!

Touchstone Words: A content development and online magazine service launched to give voice to your thoughts on varied topics. From online story sharing and articles to blogs and Community voice, if you have something to say, Touchstone Words will give you the platform to fire away your ideas.

HSTS: The non-profit subsidiary of WEG2G that aims to satisfy the IT needs of less-fortunate schools and students. It is a unique venture that connects caring and needy hearts to give wings to the dreams of thousands of students.

Dreams are meant to be realized and we at WEG2G tell that to ourselves every single day as we continue to envision more.

Application Timeline

Below table concisely and precisely illustrates our application timeline:
Application WEG2G Above Zest Above Zest VIP WEG2G Central High School Technology Services Touchstone Words 510 Club
Founded on Summer 2010 Fall 2010 Winter 2010 Spring 2011 Spring 2011 Spring 2011 Spring 2012
Launched on Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Fall 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2013

Application Features

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