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Connecting like minds and hearts, social media has had a great part to play in nurturing relationships today. From finding a long lost friend to discovering that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat, we have all used social media to satisfy a variety of needs and it has certainly not disappointed us. WEG2G social site is a unique attempt at combining networking and dating platforms by way of Connections, Groups, Events and Match-up services.

WEG2G Central Blog is aimed at highlighting the specifics of the WEG2G social site by putting across valuable how-to and process walk-through articles and juicy inputs, tidbits and advices on relationship management and online dating. Catch up on the various group dating, get-together and group-together blogs along with fascinating information on social media trends and more on our blog section. Information and fun is certainly a great combination.

weg2g timeline and group-timeline

WEG2G Group Timeline: Essence And Beyond
Posted: 10 y & 8 m ago

WEG2G is a group meet-up social site that stands for "We Go Together, We Get Together, We Group Together." After registering with WEG2G and creating a group profile, your group becomes active (assum...

weg2g connections and common riends

WEG2G Common Connections: Ins And Outs
Posted: 10 y & 8 m ago

Social networking is built around connecting people together. Each individual user will have its own network (or cycle) of connections that might be overlapping with the other user's networks. The...

free weg2g matchup and dating service

Group Dating In A Nutshell
Posted: 10 y & 8 m ago

Dating is commonly defined as a one-to-one meeting between one lady and one man, to learn about each other and possibly pursue a relationship down the road. In addition to one-on-one dating, the ...

how g2g plans and social plans work

G2G plans: What Are They?
Posted: 10 y & 8 m ago

G2G plans, or plans, are a form of appointment on which two group members meet. This service is offered via WEG2G social site. Read "Thirty Features of WEG2G that One Should Not Miss" to learn ...

tips for weg2g forgot passoword

Forgot Password: WEG2G Will Make It Easy For You
Posted: 10 y & 9 m ago

When using the WEG2G social site, (read "Thirty Features of WEG2G that One Should Not Miss" for details), you may experience cases when you can not recall your password. In general, there ar...