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Connecting like minds and hearts, social media has had a great part to play in nurturing relationships today. From finding a long lost friend to discovering that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat, we have all used social media to satisfy a variety of needs and it has certainly not disappointed us. WEG2G social site is a unique attempt at combining networking and dating platforms by way of Connections, Groups, Events and Match-up services.

WEG2G Central Blog is aimed at highlighting the specifics of the WEG2G social site by putting across valuable how-to and process walk-through articles and juicy inputs, tidbits and advices on relationship management and online dating. Catch up on the various group dating, get-together and group-together blogs along with fascinating information on social media trends and more on our blog section. Information and fun is certainly a great combination.

facebook-versus-WEG2G and feature comparaisions

Similarities And Differences Between Facebook And WEG2G
Posted: 10 y & 7 m ago

Facebook had gained a lot of popularity when it started back in 2004, and has now been the most popular social networking website ever. Now that the WEG2G social website has been launched, we would...

using reliability index in weG2G groups and plans

WEG2G Group Reliability Index: How It Works
Posted: 10 y & 7 m ago

After a group is formed in the WEG2G social site (read "Thirty Features of WEG2G that One Should Not Miss" for details), WEG2G keeps track of all group activities including the total plans po...

group identity versus individual one on weg2g

WEG2G Social Site: Group Identity Versus Individual Identity
Posted: 10 y & 7 m ago

With the emergence of the social sites, the concept of social networking and user profile have formed. A user profile, sometimes referred to as an individual identity, is where one page includes ...

WEG2G matchup and group dating

WEG2G Versus Other Online Matching Sites
Posted: 10 y & 7 m ago

Online matchmaking sites are among the growing businesses in the United States. The majority of the online matching sites offer a matchup approach for connecting sole mates together. The dominant...

weg2g messages and how it keeps you organized

WEG2G Messages: Keep Me Organized
Posted: 10 y & 7 m ago

One of the unique features of the WEG2G social site (read "Thirty Features of WEG2G that One Should Not Miss" for more) is the organization of inbox messages. While users can exchange messages...