Board of Directors – Envisioning a bright future

Ideas to transform, dreams to realize and hunger to succeed might drive a start-up towards its initial triumph but sustaining that effort, envisioning the future and putting in place strong strategies and plans will ensure its continuing success. It is for this reason that every start-up should have a great team at its helm. A hard thinking, committed Board of Directors with the right kind of vision and right amount of risk taking ability will make a world of difference for a start-up venture, regardless of the product or service line or the country that it operates in.

The WEG2G Board members, the Above Zest BOD and the Chief Company Council have had a great role to play in the continuing success of the WEG2G group. Realizing the tough road ahead, the BOD continue to put forward an array of plans and strategies to counter many challenges while simultaneously working towards polishing the façade and augmenting the development chart of the various subsidiaries. Right amount of prudence and forethought while picking ideal situations to take chances is what sets this team apart!