WEG2G Central – A Confluence of information

What transforms mere existence into life? Connecting with family and friends, feasting our eyes on the breathtaking beauty of this planet, treating our ears to foot-tapping or soothing compositions, relaying our thoughts to this world, learning new things or even making a significant difference in the lives of the not-so-fortunate, there are assortments of activities that will help us do just that. What if you could have access to engage in all that and more through just one portal? Weg2g Central is the meeting point of a variety of affiliate sites that are run by the WEG2G LLC conglomerate group.

Connect with friends and peers or find your special someone through our Weg2g social site, travel across 5 continents while taking advantage of a slew of extra benefits and activities through Above Zest tour operators, groove to an eclectic range of live notes and compositions through our exclusive non-alcoholic 510 Club, network and connect with prospective employers and employees through an array of college career and business networking events, learn and let others learn through blogs, articles and online conversations on a variety of topics through Touchstone Words, aid the less-fortunate schools and students in enhancing their technological knowledge by helping them build IT labs or providing them IT support through High School Technology Services and avail of our HSTS services and look to brighten your future and that of your school all through the Weg2g Central hub.

Check out our site activity reports and cross company lotteries or shop for our multiple-products and services via our central secure shopping cart. Glance through the cross company media center and FAQs to effectively navigate and use the various sites. Looking to join our team? Sift through our various job requirements across all affiliates and efficiently manage your application through this one site. With requisite IT support and maintenance services from DC Web Makers, we aim to centralize all our products and services to ensure that you are provided with great ease of access and convenience together with simple navigation across our various subsidiaries and affiliates. Just click away!