Investor Relations- Backing Ideas

The power and potency of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures were very much visible during the recent slow down and economic crisis. Where multi-national organizations with colossal investment and backing failed, small and medium businesses with minimal budgets but strong ideas that gave rise to distinct, saleable and affordable products and services, succeeded. Backing such ventures is a great way to further their interests and yours.

Nothing can get in the way of smart, innovative and pioneering products and services driven by thoughtful and passionate minds. WEG2G groups stands as a testament to that statement. With a shoe string budget, minimal resources and a tight deadline for project completion, our actions have certainly spoken louder than our words as we have successfully delivered more projects than most other start-ups in the DC, MD and VA areas.

With 5 different subsidiaries, 5 innovative products and service lines to choose from, WEG2G group offers investors an opportunity to support a pioneering start-up venture that has already tasted the sweet flavor of success through crowd funding and revenue sharing investment options. Connect with us to be a reason for and become a part of our success story through WEG2G investment and crowd funding, Above Zest Revenue sharing investment, 510 Club investments or support our non-profit HSTS venture to aid less fortunate schools and students. A responsible victory is what we strive for by providing maximum value for your trust and faith in our talents.