iPad Gallery – A preview of our iPad Apps

Everyone is hard pressed for time. From personal to professional commitments, there is just too much to stuff into one single day. Technology has reduced this burden a little with speedy access to information and services via Smartphones, iPads and tablets. Peep into our iPad Apps Gallery and take in the many benefits you are set to gain through our various Apps.

The WEG2G iPad App, VIP iPad App, the 510 Club on iPad, Touchstone Words on iPad, HSTS iPad App and the Above Zest iPad App have been built to enhance your user experience by adhering to industry UI and UX best practices. . If you are a busy bee looking to complete a million things in a day by yourself and prefer to take the aid of an iPad for the rest, take a preview of our iPad Apps for all our subsidiaries and you will realize that booking a tour, buying concert tickets or networking is that much simple.

WEG2G iPad App -simply visit weg2g.com with an iPad device