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Tired of having to navigate through complex links and a maze of tabs and inter-linked sites to accomplish simplest of tasks? We do not like give you reason to worry as user convenience and ease of operation and navigation are high up there on our agenda. It is for this very reason that WEG2G has brought all of its affiliate services under one umbrella with the WEG2G Central portal. Serving as a central hub for all 5 subsidiaries, the WEG2G social site, Above Zest, 510 Club, Touchstone Words and High School Technology Services encompassing cross subsidiary lottery, site activity reports, secure shopping carts and transaction processing with relevant information about every affiliate, WEG2G central is a quick access gateway to enhance your operational comfort.

Taking this a step further, we have also designed the WEG2G Central Media Center to ease you through the various processes of access and navigation of all the affiliate sites. The Central Media Center provides you with short and sweet how-it-works videos and clips that aim to walk you through the navigation of all the 5 subsidiary sites that include over 1000 web pages and over 400 mobile App pages.

Whether you are looking to avail the services of Above Zest for booking tour tickets or the 510 Club for getting your hands on live concert tickets, whether you need to join and relay your thoughts and articles through Touchstone Words or join our endeavor to help out less fortunate schools and students through HSTS, glance through our WEG2G how-to videos, Above Zest videos, HSTS IT clips and other short tutorial videos that help you through the entire process by just searching for them using keywords, video titles, service lines or subsidiary names. Don’t forget to take a look at our featured and most viewed videos and hot collections including tips and articles on an array of topics.

We aim to enhance the user experience of our customers and Media Center is our way of ensuring that our sites are user-friendly at all times!

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