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Position Details
Position Name: Lead CH Assistant
Position Code: 14AugWEG2G32
Open To: Experienced professional
Experience: Required
Engagement Type: Full-time
Engagement Length: Long-term
Availability: Hold out for the best candidate
Salary: Fixed
Perk: Negotiable
PositionType: Intern
Work Hours: Business hours
Work Location: Corporate office
References: Required
About us:

WEG2G and all of its subsidiaries are among the fastest growing companies in the DC, MD, and VA if not East Coast. Driven by new genius ideas, WEG2G is to deliver the next generation of the social media. Go to or to fine out more

General Qualifications:

Have a passion and drive for what we are doing; know how to ask creative questions; have self-motivation and prior personal accomplishments (preferred); Pickup new ideas quickly; Have flexibility and capacity to adapt; Pay attention to details

Specific Qualifications:

Multi-tasking and time management; Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines; Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills; Attention to detailed and organization skills; Prior experience in event productions or managements in the service industry preferred; Prior knowledge of or degree in communication or event management preferred


Organize year around networking events; Develop logistic plans for each events; Assist CH Manager in contacting and reserving special guest speakers; Cooperate with the marketing team for event marketing and branding; Locate and reserve venues for events; Act as a liaison between affiliated schools and employers

Why Join us:

At WEG2G, we are proud of our young, collegial, and synergetic working environment. Not only do we offer above industry average salaries, but also we provide our hard working staffs with lots of perks and fringe benefits. Go to to find out more

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