WEG2G Lottery Terms

Here are some specific terms for the winner of our lotteries. By submitting the WEG2G lottery form or participating in any WEG2G lottery, the winner of the lottery MUST understand and agree that his/her lottery ticket (tour, concert, or connection house) SHALL be:

I. Void and invalid if you are not in travelers’ group age, and/or any legal age necessary by law for attending that trip, event, or activity.
II. None-refundable, non-transferable, non-cancelable, and non-replaceable.
III. Void and invalid after the trip, activity and/or the event date.
IV. Applicable only to one tour fee, event fee, or one specific activity, and do NOT include any extra services and/or optional plans organized for that trip, activity, or event.
V. Void and invalid if you are not 13+ years old at the time of your lottery form submission.
VI. Governed by WEG2G Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, and all specific terms and rules set forth by Above Zest individual services.
VII. Void and invalid if you have submitted more than one request per lottery.
VIII. Void and invalid if your personal info, including first name, last name, and/or birth date, are incorrect, or otherwise, does not match your ID card.
IX. Void and invalid if you refuse to submit/fax your valid photo ID to us for the sake of verification.
X. Void and invalid if you submit your request after each lottery deadline.